University Students at OJT in CMP

During a period of 10 weeks in April-June 20 Community Development Students, from University of Rizal System (URS) have done their OJT in CMP. They have been placed at four of our centers and have join mainly the ULE program. At Hills of Grace center, the OJT group was assigned in the Community Nutrition Program. They have experienced to be a part of a feeding program and have faced a lot of problem that people in rural areas are dealing with.  Under the Community Nutrition Program, the OJT were assigned to Harangan which is like a small dumpsite. They experienced how to deal with people living in such place wherein by merely looking at the place you will feel if you will go or not, but they did.

During those times they had spent with the community Nutrition Worker they were so cooperative and responsible in helping the mission’s staff. They demonstrated willingness and flexibility despite of their young age. They even memorized the names of the malnourish children they catering   and almost remember if such child was present or not.  Rain or shine none of them expressed that they don’t want to go to the community. Almost all of them were able to finish and completed the required hours that need to accomplish. They asked several questions about how the mission render its programs and services in the community as a sign of expressing their interest.

As a part of their assignments the students have conducted community area surveys, conducted baseline interviews etc. When we did the evaluation with them all of them were happy for the OJT time but also a little bit frustrated over that the task to be a Community Development Worker often is a hard work. It is sometimes hard to understand that people doesn’t want to change their lives. They also shared that they have been able to learn a lot from the CMP coworkers and that they have seen dedicated people that really love what they are doing. All of them like to share one more OJT in the CMP.

Having an OJT is not only that the Mission is teaching them, but they do also contribute their knowledge that will help the beneficiaries to receive a better service.

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