Typhoon Ompong

This weekend, the Philippines suffered from the typhoon Mangkhut, locally named as Ompong, which is the world’s strongest typhoon so far this year. 1.2 million people live in the, by the government declared a disaster area. So far, 40 people have been reported dead and about 15 are missing. Houses, roads, electrical installations, and others have been destroyed. Landslide is the biggest risk because the land is already filled with water due to the monsoon rain. A super typhoon brings additional rainfall.
The government evacuated at least 135,000 people, which contributed to the fact that the number of dead is not so high, but the material devastation is huge.
Children´s Mission Philippines is located in Rodriguez, 800 km from the disaster center. In our area, we just experienced heavy rain and some heavy winds but the nearby river rose 3-4 meters and large areas were flooded. We are prepared to help mainly those affected in our normal target areas but will expand our efforts to other places if needed. The need for building materials, food, household items and clothes is big! Would you like to help? Please contact our office on 212 31 52, visit our website to donate money online or offer yourself as a volunteer!