Simple Dreams

I’m Fresie, 34 years old and I joined in the ULE  last October 2011. I have enjoyed being in the group so I decided to talked to my neighbor and formed a group and as of now I have six groups. We enjoy meeting together, talking and helping each other. I was trained as Facilitator and I improved my facilitation of ULE Modules.  One day I was invited to attend a training in the Center and I got interest on making wallets. At start it was quite difficult but when I learned it, I find myself enjoyed in making different crafts.

As I discovered my inner talents in making different design of wallets, bags and keychain from beads I felt satisfied and got inspired in making this project so I shared it to my family. I got lot of orders that boost my entrepreneurial skills to improve my crafts and in the business. I asked my husband to join in this buisness as well because he cannot work due to his heart disease and it is also good for him to have something to do. Now he can made woderful designs that are even  better than mine. I teach  also my children and this has became our family business. I have also shared this knowlegde to my neighbor so that they can raise their income. All in my family works together and we now earn so much so this can support our daily needs for our food, school allowance and medication of my husband.

ULE helps me to save money and use it for livelihood. Now I have capital that runs my business better. They help me to boost my personality and become aware of my rights and responsiblity. I believe that hard work is a key to success. I learned to dream and save for the future of my children.