No Corruption


“No Corruption Generation Emphasis Month”

CMP believes that the fight against corruption should begin in the school and that is why we have set the month July as its “No Corruption Generation Emphasis Month”. The “No Corruption” isfrom this year integrated in the school curriculum as part of the lessons. For the whole month there were teaching on corruption and how it affects the community and the society in which we live.

Towards the end of the month culmination activities were held by the different school which featured the Slogan Making Contest, Jingle Making Contest, Poster Making Contest and Picture Coloring Contest for Pre-schoolers. Some were individual tasks but most it was a group effort.

In the end, the schools were able to gain the pupil’s participation in the campaign against corruption. Each student rally with the theme which is: “ Let’s create a new generation that strongly stands up against corruption”.The advocacy on “ No Corruption Generation” would be a wake up call to the students about ill effects so that their generation will really stand up against corruption.