Mobile Clinic on the Go

The Child Welfare Program/Department had their series of visits via mobile clinic at different areas where there is limited access to basic health services. More than 200 people were served, most of them children that have respiratory ailments and skin diseases. Other illnesses are acute gastro-enteritis, primary Koch’s infection, asthma, hypertension and pneumonia. Malnutrition is also prevalent in the area.

One of the places visited is located near a landfill area, thus people are prone to different kinds of diseases especially the children. Water and electricity supply is inadequate and public transportation is scarce.

There are even places that have no health centers. As a result, some of the patients or mothers resort to self-medication like giving antibiotics without a doctor’s prescription for treatment of cough and colds. The free consultations and check-ups conducted in the mobile clinic address early detection and prevention of diseases that can be harmful for the patient. In addition, health teaching on proper management of common illnesses is taught to the parents. The MCHC (Maternal and Child Health Care) Clinic also advocates Breastfeeding. Brochures and pamphlets are distributed to enhance teaching of the mothers/parents on importance of Breastfeeding, Nutrition and Growth & Development. Free medicines were also given to patients.

“Your mobile clinic is the only one that has reached us. Thank you so much for your help!” said one of the mothers in the area.

Referrals to hospital or to the MCHC clinics are done to patients in need of further assessment and medical intervention. The visits to the MCHC clinic increased by 10% after services were given through the mobile clinic. There is also a case when a blind child was referred to another institution like Resources for the Blind to help address a specific need.

The CMPHGFI is not only concerned about the body but also most importantly, the soul. Tracks are also given to the parents/patients for their spiritual awareness and enhancement.

People in need of help are countless. We, at the CMPHGFI in our own little way may extend help but we also need support that can help sustain our work so that we can make our mobile clinic always on-the-go, and reach more people in need.