Linggo ng Wika


CMP School marks “Buwan ng Wika”

CMP School marks August as its Buwan ng Wika or National Language Month. The celebration was spearheaded by the Department of Education to enhance the use of the Filipino language.Schools are mandated to come up with activities that will make the student understand why the Filipino language is one that identify us as a Filipino and boast our national pride.

This is the time of the year for CMP School use to focus its attention to the importance of Filipino as our national language. The month long celebration includes the appreciation of the Filipino culture and heritage which is incorporated in the curriculum. For this year’s the theme we have was: “Filipino: Wika ng Karunungan”.

On August 25, 2016 (Thursday), CMP School – Molfrid Center concluded the month long celebration through competition of all level (Grade 1 – 4) in Poem Recitation and Balagtasan using Filipino as a medium. August 26, 2016 was the culminating activity of CMP School –Shining Light Center who did it differently this time. The children of the school showed their prowess in dancing. They had a Cultural Dance Competition; it is a folk dance in the tune of the latest Original Filipino Music. And last but not the least, on the 31st of August, 2016, CMP School – Open Heart had their own way of concluding the month long celebration. The Preschoolers proudly paraded their Filipino costumes in the grounds of Hills of Grace. And to top it all they have a contest on Poem Recitation.

That is how CMP School observed Buwan ng Wika and all lessons and events were designed to deepen the children’s appreciation for the Filipino language.