Inauguration Day of Tacloban Livelihood Program

In collaboration with the Tacloban City Government the Mission has entered into a Memorandum of Agreement that has given the Mission access to a property of 50.000 m2 to be used for forage and grazing land for goats. The project as such is basically a Goat distribution project to needy families. It also envisions that in the long run both the families and the project will be self-sustainable.

One of the leading ideas is to improve the native goat breed by cross breeding local goats with Anglo Nubien goats. An ideal breed of 75% Anglo Nubien and 25% local will give a goat that is:

  1. Adaptive/resistant to the local climate, hot and humid.
  2. Larger size of goat
  3. More meat – at time of slaughter
  4. More milk when milking

When the goat gives birth to a kid, the male kids will go back to the project but the 50/50 female offspring will remain with the recipient as payment for taking care of the projects female goats. When the female kid offspring comes of fertile age, the project will crossbreed with a purebred Anglo Nubien and the farmer will now have 75% NA and 25% native goats that will start to give income in the form of both milk and meat. The male kid that was returned to the project will either be sold or slaughtered for meat and will form the backbone of the financial sustainability of the project.

The program will also include Skills Training in

  • Agricultural Technology Transfer
  • Agricultural and Livestock related trades