Dengue Awareness


From June up to November it’s rainy days, stagnant water and a lot of mosquitoes. When this three come together; it is time for dengue awareness.

Because of this MCHC staff have been focused the mobile clinic service this August by providing dengue awareness leaflet thru house to house distribution in different places. During the said activity we encounter different responses. We would like to share their responses and our experience:

Mothers: received with thanksgiving and verbalized “It’s good we have some information about dengue”

Fathers: they read the leaflet with interest and verbalized to share it with their wife

Children: more interested and even willing to help during distribution. We encountered a child who was infected by dengue virus and he shared his experience and said “I almost died of Dengue” so he helped us with enthusiasm.

We informed them to read and share the information to the people they know and be an advocate in prevention of Dengue We only met a few that were less interested and almost 98 % were willing to accept the information. It such a wonderful experience to be a vessel of information for disease prevention and to save lives.