CMP School in Molfrid Center observes Family Day and Teacher’s Day

CMP School celebrated Family Day and Teacher’s Day last Sept.30, 2015 at the Molfrid Center.  This is a yearly event that is observed by the school in order to encourage family bonding.

Among the highlights were the special numbers from each grade level and likewise from the parents.  The parents and children liked to enjoy the Filipino games that were introduced.  For the children it was a new things but for the parents it was reminiscing their experiences of past because the games are no longer played in this generation.

But the surprise of the activity was when the parents announced that they have a Special Presentation and called the teachers one at a time on the stage. The children and parents officer of the class presented their special messages and simple gift made and crafted by the children and was given to their class teacher. This was very heart-warming occasion for all the teachers who were all in tears as they receive the token of appreciation from all of their students. “I have not expected this … it came as a surprise … and it is overwhelming”, quips Aiza when asked for her comment.  What a way to celebrate Teachers Day.

After that it was time for bonding, fellowship and eating together. The food they shared was a potluck and everybody enjoyed the food and the bonding with each other.