Children’s Mission Philippines School Educational Tour

Last February 2, 2017, the Children Mission’s Philippines School (Shining Light Center) went for an Educational Tour. The itinerary for the said tour is as follows: Doll Joy, Mcdo Kitchen Tour and Ocean Park. This was participated by 27 parents, 36 pupils and 8 teachers with the total of 71 participants that was conducted by Trinidad Travel and Tours.

The first visit was at the Doll Joy, the participants saw different kinds of doll and they also witnessed how this made. The children realized that they need to take care and give importance to their toy as courtesy to the effort people who produced them. They also enjoy the game facilitated by staff of the Doll Joy wherein the children were asked to dress a doll. The pupils who dressed the doll with the shortest time went home with the doll that dress up.

The next visit was kitchen tour in McDonald they enjoyed it very much because they were able to see the different areas where the products are made.

The last on the itinerary was the Ocean Park which consist of ten attractions. The visit allowed the children to see different species which they can only see in their textbook and now they can see it live which help them to understand what is in the textbook. It also awakened their minds, that they need to protect the marine life because of the danger of their extinction.

The Educational Tour gives happiness not only the pupils but also the parents who participated the activity.