Children’s Festival (May 23 – 27, 2016)

1ST DAY HAIR CUTTING ACTIVITY –  Children have their hair cutting session facilitated by the Skills Training Program with their Haircutting students. A lecture for proper grooming and proper caring of hair. A total of (27) morning attendees, and (32) in the afternoon who availed the free hair cut. This is also part of the preparation for the opening of the new school year.

2ND DAY ARTS AND CRAFTS ACTIVITY – Second day, it was focused on the arts and crafts activity, which facilitated by the ULE staff. The children were thought on how to create flowers using scrap paper and cellopane. There are 45 children participated in the art activity.

3RD DAY MEDICAL CHECK UP – Third day, it was the Medical check-up for those children with minor complain about their health conditions. Others were just given medicines and no further serious conditions.

4TH DAY SPIRITUAL VALUE DEVELOPMENT – spiritual activity through Operation Love (O.L.) facilitation, together the volunteers from the area. A  total of (120) attendees for the whole day. They create the “Wordless Book”. This is the piece of art, but at the same time is the way that can explain about the Love of God. Then, children have a chance to go outside and shared with other kids about the Wordless Book and its purpose.

5TH DAY DENTAL CHECK UP – Last day, the Dental check-up was facilitated. A total of (15) children have tooth extraction. At first, children shows fear and worry because of the activity. But then, there is a dental teachings conducted. The lecture shared the importance of caring their teeth. Also, encourage not to be afraid with the Dentist.