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By cooperation with a Swedish company named BioGaia we have had the possibility to distribute probiotics to some of the malnourished children that the community nutrition worker have been catering. The tablets or drops contain live microorganism which,when administered in adequate amounts will give benefits on the person.

During distributions of probiotics the worker took a picture of the child and interviewed the mother about the child’s health condition. Some says that their children are always experiencing cough and colds, poor appetite, constipation and less active which are being manifested in their physical apperance and their body weight. After a period of intake there were several improvements to the health condition such as good appetite, cough and colds were gone, the children had a good bowel movement and have become active both at home and in school and their body weight had increased. Most of the mothers also verbelized that they wanted their children to be given the probiotics again and have a regular intake.

Community Nutrition Program is one of the services that the mission is offering to the community. Our Community Nutrition Workers try to help malnourished children be rehabilitated to the fatal malnutrition. Most of the interventions are education of the parents but it could aslo be medical assistans and in some cases help to get nutritious food.

Thanks to BioGaia for helping the family of a malnourish child to see them active and healthy again.

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