World Teacher’s Day

In celebration of the Teachers Day in October, students from Grade 5 to 6 were selected and assigned to teach a subject in Kinder 1 & 2 and Grades 1-4. This was done to give the teacher a break. It was also a change for these selected students to test the future dream of becoming a teacher someday. After they have been teaching the students have some positive comments and as a whole, they have learned to appreciate and give importance to the role of the teachers.

As part of the mentioned celebration, the teachers in CMP-SLC School, Antipolo, participated in an activity to represent our schools. It was conducted by the National Alliance of Private Schools Philippines Region VI-A Chapter. All the teachers were refreshed, delighted and encouraged by the messages from the resource speakers who highlighted the unique role of teachers play in guiding the families, strengthening the communities and building the nation.