Training and Seminar for Children’s Worker

Child Development Program conducted a training for all children’s worker last February 17 and 18, 2017, the training aim is to enhance the capability of our partners in teaching with children.

Participants came with a lot of expectations, specifically on how to teach and handle a Sunday school ministry. They attend to gain more knowledge and understanding and to become an effective children’s worker.

During our previous Training our attendance are normally ranging from 50 to 60 participants, but by this time 97 participants attended from different churches in Montalban, Payatas and Caloocan.

The 2-days Training is a blessing to our participants for have met their expectations, not just that, they have been given the opportunity to share their testimonies in handling children to other church workers. It becomes a strengthening and awakening moment for each of us.

As an impact, they have learned that having a right character and attitude as a minister of the Lord through the children is important. Through this, their calling was now clear to them. They were energized and encouraged hearing the message from the Bible. Since, their heart is now in line of their calling, it was being easy for them to learn how to teach children according to their age level. They saw and realized that teaching is not just telling the lesson but indeed they need to understand the characteristics and behavior of the child. As an addition all our participants had the privileged to learn more action songs and make their own songs that are essential in sharing the message of salvation and getting the attention of the children.

Indeed, by God’s grace and mercy he fills the place with knowledge, wisdom and understanding. They were all blessed and ready to put into action all the learnings they have acquired. They were all thankful that we are always ready to share and impart the blessings we have all for God’s glory. Praise the Lord!

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