“Mga Munting Ngiti. Walang Kapalit na Salapi”

Last February 25, 2022, Philippine Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (PAED) in Cooperation with the Rotary Club of San Pablo Laguna conducted their mission for Salamin ng Kalusugan at CMP School – Molfrid Center during the celebration of 18th National Dental Health Month with the theme. They shared another great time to celebrates Oral Health Month and check in with our children and parents about dental health and making sure about to look after their smiles and take this opportunity to learn a little bit more about our teeth and mouth, they also share some great dental hygiene tips, hygiene kits for children and their parents, and also a set of computer for CMP School Moldrid Center. This group of great dentist gave the importance of tooth brushing and hand washing, they also delivered the message about being orally healthy, and how do it mirrors one’s health nowadays. According to them ” Toothbrush is a must, kahit naka Mask” in connection to our present situation because of pandemic wherein health is our first priority. It is truly “Mga munting ngiti ay walang kapalit na Salapi”.

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