Everyone is Welcome

In Kiddy Bible Class our team welcome children once a week for education, fellowship, singing, dancing etc. In one partner church they have met with Aki Calibuso, who is a girl with special needs. This is not an hindrance for her to attend even tough she is much older than the other participants. She can speak and understand words minimal. She can read only the word she learned from mainstreaming session (a one on one teaching). Before we started the class we thought that it will be hard for her to understand us and to understand the whole activity, but as we go along on our program we find her very interested and willing to join, tells Jed and Ivy, who are the once responcible for the activity. “She joined us in singing, dancing and participated in other activities like game, question and answered about the lesson”. By this Aki helps herself and finds ways to be accepted by other people and to be treated as normal and like any other children in the church as well as in the community.

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