Christmas Gift Pack for this Christmas Season of 2021.

They are the children who made an impact in CMPHGI Milestone. They are also the recipient of Christmas Gift Pack for this Christmas season of 2021.
Hilary Grace was the firstborn of Maternal and Child Health Care Clinic (MCHC)-Birthing Home was named after Hills of Grace, she is now 9 years old and presently on grade 3.
Capuli Siblings are also one of the first clients of MCHC Hills of Grace from infancy to school age they have been regular clinic clients.
Another group of special ones are children who are physically and mentally challenge. Xian is a child with cleft lip and palate, he was 4 days old when brought by his parent to MCHC, was assisted and referred to Philippine Bond of Mercy a partner NGO specializing and offering free Cleft lip/palate repair. Xian undergone 3 series of cleft lip/palate repair and operation and still with ongoing follow ups. He is now 5 years old, already in nursery and is talkative able to communicate, comprehend and speak understandable sentences.
Ryan is also a special client who receive the gift pack, he is 9 years old boy with hydrocephalus was abandoned by his mother and cared for by his aunt. He can sit but unable to stand, feed self, communicate well and respectful.
Steph is a 6-year-old microcephaly and has been under the service of MCHC, same with Keana a Trisomy 21 client. They are among those children CMP will never forget especially during this special season.


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