Child Friendly Space

Last August 11, 2018, Philippines experienced heavy rains due to tropical depression Karding. Rodriguez Rizal is one of the affected areas. One of CMP areas in Burgos experience overflows of water from the river resulted to flashflood, ripraps collapsed and waters passed through the houses. Some of the houses destroyed and even the building of our Church partner, things drowned into water. However people are warned early and evacuated to Aransazu Basketball Court. CMP helped them providing non food item like mat and blanket and kitchen utensil. Our Child Development through our Kiddy Bible Class has two groups composed of 200 children who are affected. We have on going Child Friendly Space for these children not to be burden of the situation. While the classes is postponed for this week our team organized five days activity workshop for them. They can play indoor games, artwork and small talk. Food is also serve and hygiene kit for them to feel better in the workshop. While we are doing these, children expresed that all their things in school are wet and drowned into water. To be able to help these children CMP is asking for help to buy materials in the school and uniform.